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I am manufacturing and selling aluminum, rubber-isolated, oil cooler kits for the Honda XR650L, XL600R, XR600, and NX650/Dominator. This kit is my own design and handcrafted with the highest quality parts that I could produce and the highest quality materials. All of the parts needed for installation are provided with the kit. The XR650L kit has 35 individual parts.

Black and bare aluminum oil cooler cores are in stock.
Frequently asked questions
For more details, prices, oil cooler kit options, and ordering information, go to my Vendor Page on ADVrider or email me at
Honda XR650L Oil Cooler Kit 1
Honda XR650L Oil Cooler Kit 2
Honda XR650L kit. Shown with the bare aluminum cooler option.
Honda NX650 Dominator Oil Cooler Kit 3
Honda NX650 - Dominator kit. Shown with the black cooler option, which is popular with NX owners.
Honda XR600 Oil Cooler 4
Honda XR650L Oil Cooler 5
Honda XR600 Oil Cooler Kit
Honda XR650L Oil Cooler Kit
Jagg bypass valves
By-pass valves are sold separately.
Two options are available for the Jagg by-pass valve:
  • Manual $74.95
  • Thermostat $94.95

Learn more about by-pass valves here.
oil cooler repair bypass kit
Emergency oil cooler repair kit. $20.00 (sold separately)
In case of damage to your oil cooler, you can by-pass the cooler and continue your ride. Includes: A stainless steel, barbed "U" bend tube, two end caps to keep junk from getting lodged in the tube while it is bouncing around in your tool bag, two stainless steel hose clamps. Comes in a 4 mil plastic zip-lock so you can keep the kit in your tool bag or pocket.
Oil Cooler FAQ:

Q. What are my payment options?
A. PayPal and checks are the only options at this time.

Q. How much is shipping?
A. $15.00 shipped via USPS Priority Mail with insurance to any USA address. Overseas orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail at current USPS rates.

Q. How much cooler will my bike run?
A. You can expect a 20°F to 40°F drop in temperatures, depending on riding conditions.
Customer quote: "Before the cooler, my bike would see 225°F to 240°F regularly, the higher temps, especially at freeway speeds of 60 to 70 mph. I have the XR's Only oil temperature dipstick. Riding around on Saturday, it never got above 210°F!

Q. Do I need a by-pass valve (manual or thermostat operated)?
A. Not wishing to talk you out of the by-pass valve, here is my opinion and some info about the valves. The Jagg by-pass valve directs the oil away from the cooler when you are riding in cold temperatures. It does not shut the oil off going to the cooler, but opens a passage of less resistance for the oil to travel, thus bypassing the cooler. I would not recommend a by-pass valve unless you do a lot of your riding in cold temperatures. If I find myself riding in very cold weather, I put a strip of duct tape on the oil cooler guard to block the air. You can always add the valve to your bike later if you find that you need it.

Q. How much does the kit weigh?
A. The complete kit weighs 1 lb. 10 oz.

Q. How much oil does the cooler hold?
A. The cooler capacity is 150cc.

Q. Will this kit fit with my aftermarket fuel tank?
A. Yes. The Honda XR650L kit will fit the stock fuel tank with scoops, all Clarke, Acerbis, Aloop, and IMS tanks.

Q. Will this kit work with my "big-finned" head?
A. Yes.

Q. Will this kit work with my FMF stainless pipes?
A. Yes.

Q. Is the oil line mounted too close to the exhaust pipe?
A. No. The oil line does not come close to the exhaust header/pipe. This is not a issue.

Q. How difficult is the installation?
A. The installation is fairly easy if you have basic mechanical skills. Each step in the instruction manual is fully illustrated and easy to follow. You should set aside about three hours for installation.

Q. Will I need to purchase anything to install the kit?
A. Maybe. The kit comes complete with everything needed with the exception of oil and tools. Some special tools and products are recommended for this installation: Tubing cutter or hacksaw, blue Loctite, fine metal file, emery cloth or fine sandpaper, and a torque wrench.

This Kit Is For Closed Course Competition Use Only. Not Intended For Street Use. This kit requires the relocation of the stock smog pump located on the left side of the engine. I do not supply the parts to relocate the stock smog pump. You should always check your state's laws with regard to the use of aftermarket parts. On NX650 models, the stock tool kit will have to be removed / relocated.
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