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My first motorcycle
This is my Oldman and I fueling up my first motorcycle, a 1960 Sears Alstate, the machine that changed my life.
1969 Harley M65 First time at Race Track
My first time at a real race track. The motorcycle is a 1969 65cc Harley-Davidson Leggero. My brother Randy (on the left) and I shared this bike for two years. My father bolted up a larger rear sprocket and added a knobby tire on the rear to make it "dirt worthy." We had a dirt field by our house that we spent countless hours riding that little Harley.
Sidewinder Speedway Kingman AZ 1971
This is my second motorcycle race. It was in 1971 at Sidewinder Speedway in Kingman, Arizona. I am number 26 and my bro, Randy, is number 55, taking the hole-shot. We are both riding 1971 Honda SL100s in the 100cc novice class, which always had the highest number of entries. Even in stock form the little four strokes had enough torque to beat any "real" 100cc race bike off the starting line.
Firts Trophies for Randy and Mark
Here we are in 1972 posing in the driveway with our first trophies, Randy number 777 and me number 111. It looks like we had a triple-digit number thing going on at the time (I don't know why). Bellbottom pants and leather work boots were our preferred riding gear.
250cc Novice Race at Slaughterhouse Gulch Raceway in Prescott, AZ
I finally got my first "real" race bike, a 1969 Bultaco 250 Pursang. I also saved up enough money for a set of red and white Bates leathers. Here, racing the 250cc Novice Class at Slaughterhouse Gulch Raceway in Prescott, Arizona in 1973. This is one of my first races using a steel "hotshoe" on my left foot. I would use a 21" front wheel on the rougher tracks and the 19" on the others.
Mark posing on my Bultaco 250 Pursang
I finally made it out of the novice ranks and got rid of that ugly green number plate! Bro Randy took this photo with my Polaorid Swinger camera, me trying to look "bad ass" (all 125 lbs.) posing on the Bultaco with my new number, new helmet, and yellow amateur number plates.
1974 at Sidewinder Speedway Bultaco 250 Pursang
This photo was shot by my father in 1974 at Sidewinder Speedway. We raced once a month here for season championship points, with the leader being crowned at the end of the year. On other weekends we raced at Prescott, Arizona and at Las Vegas, Nevada. When we got a chance, we raced at the tracks in the Phoenix area. Most of these tracks were fairly rough TT tracks, with Sidewinder being the smoothest.
My first 1/2 mile race at Manzanita Speedway
This is my first ever night race and first ever half-mile dirt track held at Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix. I was like a country boy coming to the big city for the first time. The speeds on a half-mile were so much higher than those of the rough TT tracks that I was used to racing on.
Wow!, I learned so much! I got my face rubbed in the dirt in a big way. On my next trip to this track, I redeemed myself by starting at the back of a field of over 20 racers and worked my way to second place. This was my best result at Manzanita Speedway.
Randy 250cc Expert Flattracking the Bultaco 250 Sherpa S special
Meanwhile, my bro Randy, a.k.a. Rabbit, is really getting fast. He made his way through the ranks in the 125cc class, making it to the expert class and beating the best of the best in the state. I took this photo in 1974 during the 250 Expert race at Sidewinder Speedway. He is riding a very unique bike, a 250cc Bultaco Astro engine in a Bultaco Sherpa S 200 chassis. He had the style of a speedway racer, pitching the bike into the corners so sideways that the competition didn't have a chance of passing him... Lord, I hated him for that!
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